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Microsoft Inspire

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Plan your agenda at Inspire

It really makes sense to plan your agenda you go to Inspire. 


I recommend that you attend all Corenotes because that is where you will hear from the senior Microsoft leadership about what they're planning for the coming years(s) and this is the best opportunity to get insights into their strategy. This is very you will find where you should make your investments so it is crucial to make this is a priority.


I would then browse the session catalog (https://myinspire.microsoft.com/sessions) and make a note of sessions to attend. It doesn't hurt if the list is a bit long because some sessions might be full and you might want to do last minute final decisions. I personally love the leadership and marketing sessions where you get both external experts as Microsoft partners sharing their knowledge! An insider tip is that after you have attended a session that you like, please talk to the speaker/speakers so that you build a relationship with them. 


But - don't spend all your time in sessions. It is important to meet with partners and Microsoft people so you want to have a bit of flexibility in your agenda so that you can walk the conference and talk to people. It is amazing how much you can get achieve just by being open to conversation. Sessions that you have missed can be listened to afterwards as they are all recorded now.


An event that is a 'must' is of course the WIT luncheon that is hosted by Microsoft and supported by IAMCP, The WIT Network and Women in Cloud. Not only is it important to show your support or this great and very important mision - but it is also an event that have had very senior speakers, panelists and honorary guests. Last year Satya Nadella made the WIT luncheon a priority so I think you should do the same! Expect seats to be filled in a jiffy!


There is an app called MS Events where you will find a section (not live yet) about Microsoft Inspire 2019. This app is great when planning your activities at Inspire. 


Regards, Per