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Party and business! A lovely combination!

Being in Las Vegas, the party capital of America, makes it pretty hard to avoid partying! All night long!


Going to various parties is a great opportunity to meet with people, and in a creative atmosphere discuss joint opportunities! Many great business deals have been sealed in the wee hours!


In case this is your very first Microsoft Inspire, here are four suggestions:


  1. Try to get invited to vendor sponsored parties and different Microsoft business/product groups
  2. The IAMCP Speakeasy is a great party so try to be there – venue will be announced same evening which is part of the fun
  3. Attend the regional or country specific parties
  4. Attend the One Celebration

With the risk of sound boring, there are many distractions in Las Vegas and the primary reason for going there is business. Therefore it needs to be business first, so perhaps skip the last drink and go to bed in decent time so that you are fit for fight to attend the Corenotes and to conduct successful business the following day. The investment of going to Inspire is significant, and if you just want to party you can go to Acapulco, Vegas or New Orleans on your free time! :-)


With that said – don’t miss out on the parties! Have fun!



Regards, Per