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3 Ways to Maximize #LinkedIn and #Twitter @ #MSInspire

A few more weeks to go and it's #MSInspire in Las Vegas! My AvePoint colleagues and I are excited to be a part of this amazing event where over 20,000 of our closest Microsoft & indusrty friends will be there. 




With the sheer amount of people participating, it’s quite overwhelming and you may be at a loss on how to best connect with fellow attendees. For me, what I found effective in my 10 years of attending is make the most out of social media to engage and keep up to date with Microsoft Inspire.


Here are 3 specific ways on how you can maximize social media at #MSInspire:


1. Establish connections with LinkedIn
Business cards are so 1990's - these days, you should take advantage of LinkedIn for networking and making new connections. First, make sure you have LinkedIn mobile app downloaded on your phone. Next, whenever you make a new acquaintance that you want to establish a relationship with beyond #MSInspire, you can easily add them by looking them up on linked in or scanning their LinkedIn QR code.

If you are a speaker, I highly encourage to use the LinkedIn Find Nearby feature where you can have your audience connect with you and each other during your session.




Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and let's meet up at #MSInspire 🙂


2. Keep up to date with Twitter
If you're not on Twitter, now is a great time! Twitter is a phenomenal platform to keep up with the latest  #MSInspire buzz before, during and after the event. More importantly, it's a great way to follow and engage with Microsoft leaders such as Satya Nadella, Gavriella Schuster, Brad Smith, Judson Althoff and the official Microsoft Partner twitter account.


So make sure you sign up if you haven't yet and download the Twitter app on your phone. Also don't forget to connect with me.


3. Share your insights on Twitter and LinkedIn
You may have colleagues or contacts that aren't able to come and join us in Vegas, wouldn't it be great for you to share the goodness by posting relevant announcements, insights and valuable learnings. You don't have to write a long winded report nor rely on text posts alone. Timely photos and videos can be very effective or even livestream with Twitter Periscope


Just make sure when you post on LinkedIn and Twitter, include the hashtag #MSInspire