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issue with my Microsoft partnership account

I want to know the status of my partnership application, I had some difficulty verifying my business info and had to update my business information, ever since I haven't heard anything back and my business info page says "rejected".

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Fix issue with my Microsoft  account

1. Disable Shared Experiences
In a majority of cases, the problem” can be fixed by disabling “Nearby Sharing” and “Shared Across devices” features in Windows 10.

1. Go to Settings > System > click on Shared Experiences in the left-pane. In the right-pane, scroll down and disable Share content with nearby device option.

Disable Nearby Sharing

2. On the same screen, scroll down a bit and disable Share Across devices option.

Disable Share Across Devices Option

Hopefully, after this you should no longer find Windows 10 unnecessarily prompting you to fix your Microsoft Account.

2. Verify Your Account
In certain cases, the problem is due to your Microsoft Account not being verified on the computer.

1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Your Info and click on Verify.

2. If prompted, re-enter the Password for your Microsoft Account and click on Sign In.

3. Next, you may (or may not) be prompted to verify your Microsoft Account using a security code. If prompted, enter the Email Address to receive the security code and click on Next.

4. Get the Security code from your Email Account and enter the Security Code to verify your Microsoft Account.

3. Remove Microsoft Account
If you are still unable to fix the problem, you can consider using a Local User Account, instead of using Microsoft Account to login to your computer.



Rachel Gomez

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Thanks for this solution Rachel.

Highly Appreciated.