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Level 2 Contributor

Microsoft Partners cooperation and increasing revenues

I would like to open a new disccussion about how to benifit from the huge partner network to have a total solution offered to the End customers and to also increase the cross selling activities between the different nations, i'm interested in pursuing opportunities to offer our value added services to Enterprises from the different industires outside my country boarders, thank you



Mohamed Reda

Senior Manager business development 


Level 6 Contributor

Hi Mohamed,

Great idea which requires the encouragement and support of all partners but I believe that such an initiative has long been the main preoccupation of Microsoft itself and the raison d'etre of the partner community. But we must recognize that in spite of the specifities and particularities of nations, our strong desire to become global and worldwide has never been more facilitated than in the era of digitization and Cloud compoting. Furthermore, with a commonly used data model, the solutions multilingual, online and easily adaptable to laws and regulations from different countries, there is no longer barriers upfront, the only limit is you and your team and your capacity to propose and  deliver the best services.

Good luck! 


Hi Mohamed,

I understand that you are a Microsoft and Cisco partner in Egypt that is specialized in vocie and video communication. I think that you should become more targeted in which markets you are seeking partners in and also clearly state the benefits working with you.


Without knowing, my guess is that you can provide support services for time zones in Europe/Africa/Middle East and that is something that many partners are looking for. I also guess that you can help with implementation projects. My advice is always to engage with the IAMCP (www.iamcp.org) and also to go to the Inspire conference and do some structured networking. Business happens when people meet!


Kudos for reaching out and hopefully you will find great partners to work with.


Regards, Per