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Microsoft Inspire 2021 - What did you learn? Please share!

Now that over a month has passed since Inspire 2021 it is time to reflect.


For me, Inspire has always been the main Microsoft event in the year. This is where we get the insights of where to make our bets the coming year.


I see multiple things and the main key takeaway is that Microsoft has confirmed (again) that there is a high strategic value in the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem. I've been a Microsoft partner for many years and I can honestly say that the future has never been as bright as it is now. Great times being a Microsoft Partner if you jump on the big waves of investments that Microsoft are making.


Technology wise, I see that Microsoft's Azure infrastructure and management abilities are evolving rapidly. The Power Platform family is doing great and will change many partners' practices. I also see that Teams is continuing to grow in functionality and partners should make sure that their apps can be 'first class citizens' on Teams. The new Windows 365 Cloud PC is a game-changer together with the renamed Azure Virtual Desktop and partners that make the most of this will be become successful.


Over to you, what did YOU learn at Inspire 2021?



Regards, Per 

Level 6 Contributor

Great post! Thank you so much PerWerngren for sharing. With this devastating pandemy, we were all very anxious about the future of this great event. Fortunately as you very well said, there is no peril in the house. Microsoft without Microsoft Inspire, what an incommensurable void?