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MSFT Inspire: featured speakers and sessions

Author: Julie Golding

Since our 2018 Microsoft Inspire session catalog launched on April 4 we’re happy to say that we’ve had over 100 sessions added, providing content on even more of the business and technology topics of greatest importance to Microsoft partners. Whether it’s learning about emerging technologies that are driving digital transformation, marketplaces and sales opportunities, or new collaboration tools that are changing how people work together, Microsoft Inspire presents an amazing opportunity to discover new ways to drive mutual success with our customers, in the span of just a few days.

Some featured sessions to call to your attention

Browse the catalog to get a feel for the depth and variety of sessions you will find at Microsoft Inspire. Search using multiple filters to easily locate sessions of particular interest. Use the “session type” filter to find the kind of session that best fits your learning style. Most attendees choose to attend multiple different session types in order to enjoy the richest and most complete learning experience.

Our partner attendees represent many different kinds of organizations and business practices, each with its own particular focus. So there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to highlighting Microsoft Inspire sessions. To give you a taste of what to expect in Las Vegas, Nevada, here are a few notable examples:

Breakout Sessions:

Scale Productivity through Managed Services - Learn how to develop high-quality cloud productivity solutions and managed services to drive emerging and mature offerings.

Azure Stack: Take advantage of the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud opportunity – Learn how to utilize Azure Stack momentum to build hybrid cloud Azure managed services.

Roadmap to transforming your partnerships - Get “best in class” practices for partnering, and learn about engagement models to accelerate your success.


Building an AI practice, or adding AI services to your products? Build your strategy based on best practices Learn how to build a strategy to develop a successful AI practice or embed AI services in your solutions.

Partner Datacenter (DC) transformation: Making it a reality - Explore key factors to consider for a   when planning a successful migration to Azure.

General Sessions:

Capitalize on the digital transformation opportunity - Accelerate your cloud practice with emerging technologies, such as AI, to build profitable customer solutions.

Transformation’s impact on managed services: The joint opportunity - Understand the managed services transformation journey and path to becoming a modern cloud managed services provider.


A wealth of great speakers, too 

One of the highlights of Microsoft Inspire is our amazing group of speakers, highly accomplished experts, innovators and visionaries from the fields of business leadership, technology, sales and marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

A few of the featured speakers for this year’s event include leadership experts Amy Slater and Verne Harnish, marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, entrepreneur and consultant Amy Lynch, and best-selling author and blogger Matthew Pollard.

Of course, Microsoft Inspire will also host daily Corenotes, at which you’ll hear inspiring addresses from industry leaders and top Microsoft executives, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Look forward to exciting announcements about the Corenotes, coming soon.

<h2>Register and enjoy all Microsoft Inspire has to offer</h2>

Microsoft Inspire provides both a great learning experience and an unparalleled opportunity to engage with industry leaders, Microsoft employees, sponsors and exhibitors, and your fellow partners from around the world. It’s a week of discovery and growth, of building on existing relationships and forming new partnerships that can energize your business in ways you might have never anticipated.

This year Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready, Microsoft’s annual sales, marketing and technical fiscal kick-off, attended by over global 22,000 employees, will take place in the same city, during the same week. This co-location will create even more opportunities for Microsoft partners to make meaningful connections with more of the Microsoft community to accelerate the digital transformation and success of our shared customers. Partners can look forward to:


  • A shared Corenote where Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will deliver one message to both partners and Microsoft employees
  • Shared area celebrations
  • Shared area general sessions
  • Our shared One Celebration on Wednesday, July 18 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, featuring entertainment by an internationally acclaimed, Grammy-winning musical artist.


Register now for Microsoft Inspire and then review the session catalog so that you can begin creating your personal “can’t miss” session list.  When the Session Scheduler tool launches you will be able to register for sessions and add them to your personal itinerary.


See you in Las Vegas!




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Hi, I've added a whole bunch of sessions in the Session Scheduler tool (took me a few hours!). I can see the sessions that I have added when I scroll down (the Remove button appears next to the ones I've selected). 

However, I'm not able to see any of the sessions I selected in My Schedule, in the List View or Day View. I could see all the sessions in "Week View" until yesterday, but now I'm unable to see that as well. It would be very painful if I had to repeat this all over again 🙂

How do I reach out for support?