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F5 Cloud Solutions - Automation & Orchestration

F5 Networks BIG-IP solutions have evolved from old fashioned hardware-based solutions to Cloud-based solutions.  So too have our deployment options - we post our Application & Device Templates on "Microsoft" GitHub, integrate with modern DevOps CI/CD automation and orchestration environments through RESTful APIs - e.g., Puppet, Chef and Ansible. 

As the container market has matured, F5 orchestration tools also allow you to manage the life cycle of containers. This includes the creation, scheduling, discovery, monitoring, permutations, availability, and replication of containers. F5 supports integration with container ecosystems and provides container connectors for Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Mesos Marathon, and Redhat OpenShift to dynamically allocate BIG-IP Layer 4-Layer 7 (L4-L7) services.

Please stop by the F5 Commons Booth # 222 to speak with us about how F5 seamlessly integrates into modern DevOps processes to deliver best-of-breed Azure and Multi-Cloud networking and security, based on the most trusted solutions in the industry.