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Doubling Business by Winning a Microsoft Inspire Award

Can winning a Microsoft Inspire (Partner of the Year) Award increase your company's revenue?

Yes, it can; in fact, it may even double your business!

Read about the fantastic success of an IT consulting company and a Microsoft partner - ML!PA - that doubled its size in less than six months after becoming a finalist of the 2017 Internet of Things Partner of the Year:

[Client Story] How a Microsoft Inspire Award Helped a Small IT Consulting Business Grow by 100%

As a part of the Mercer-MacKay team, I helped ML!PA to create and submit their great story for the last year's competition.

In about a week, the MS Inspire Submission Tool will open up the gates of the 2018 Awards program.

Are you in? 

Iva Vlasimsky
IT Content Creator & Microsoft Awards Submission Writer
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Definitely In!!! 


I can vouch for the huge impact it means winning a Microsoft Inspire Award! When you win, you should leverage the award in your marketing and sales efforts. You will get a little bit of help from Microsoft but the real work is on your end and your marketing people should try to maximize the impact!

The journey starts with crafting a winning submission! I can highly recommend Mercer-MacKay in Canada and ResourceIT in the UK as two great companies that have had huge success in helping partners all over the globe craft their winning submissions.

Good luck everyone!


Regards, Per

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Thank you for your comment, Per!

You are right - it does boil down to company's internal efforts in leveraging the Microsoft recognition.

The example I shared (and wrote) was also a showcase how winning the award affects even regular business conversations. People they have talked to on trade shows or elsewhere started to look at them differently, and those who reached out to them were definitely more convinced that their solution is worth considering - because, if Microsoft recognized it on a global scale, then it must be something good!

And yes, Mercer-MacKay and ResourceIT are fantastic and I'm happy to be a part of both teams for several years now, where I helped many of their clients to become winners and finalists. 

Looking forward to another exciting award season, where I'll be writing for Mercer-MacKay, ResourceIT, and my own Storytelling4Tech.