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Cyber Security & Threat Defense

We have been working on a SIEM solution integrated with our Firewall platform (OPNSense) that provides edge security as well as real time insights into our internal networks and user devices via a cloud based dashboard, hosted in Azure. It also connects to our Azure server stack, Office 365 and by agent on the devices at our smaller virtual (co-share) sites.

With real time integrated insights and lookups, into, ipinfo, Virus Total and Cisco's, Talos intelligence and reputation centre. It's a complimentary solution to the MS security & compliance centre that dovetails in, to provide granular, audit, breach and compliance checking and reporting. With live dashboards for the Executives, Board and Risk Committees, IT teams and SOC engineers, including full breach audit trail analysis and reporting.

I'm interested in what other partners are doing in this space for collaboration and in potential partner/resellers.

Please feel free to reach out to me here or on linkedIn, I will also be @ Inspire with the rhipe team.