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DA132 - What you need to know: Azure ISV strategy and investment

Description: Join this interactive discussion to learn how Microsoft and Azure are investing in your success as you take advantage of new opportunity in the cloud. According to Gartner the SaaS market will represent $37.7B by 2019 providing a significant opportunity for ISVs. Further, in a recent Microsoft survey of ISVs, 75% have moved or are considering moving their application to a SaaS model. Discover the market opportunity and how to take advantage of Azure services, GTM, co-sell marketplaces, and more.

OFC108 - Empower customers to transform the way their people work with insights from Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Description: Business leaders face the challenge of improving organizational productivity, yet lack the inputs to understand behaviors that lead to higher levels of efficiency and engagement. Using raw data from everyday work in Office 365, Workplace Analytics delivers insights into the collaboration patterns that influence business outcomes. Discover how to leverage these insights to become your customers’ trusted advisor, helping them use data to transform the way teams and organizations work.

Public Sector

AP123 - Deploying advanced workloads to Azure Government

Description: The government is no longer a lift and shift business. Explore how to accomplish advanced tasks with bleeding edge cloud technologies. Over the course of this demo-heavy session, we take an existing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) app running on Azure Government and show how we can migrate it to Platform as a Service (PaaS) so you can more fully reap the benefits of the cloud.

CGO101 - Security Strategy for the $1.5 Trillion Cybercrime Economy

Description: Organizations are moving formerly on-premises workloads to the cloud for reasons varying from better security to cost reduction to focusing on their core revenue generating businesses. During this session, Ann Johnson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions shares examples of how Microsoft drives innovation with our partners to reduce cyber risks and business disruptions, and enable secure digital transformations.

IND41 - Empowering intelligent health

Descrpition: Digital transformation is reshaping the health industry faster than you expect. Come hear from Microsoft health industry executives on how we can partner together to tackle this tremendous opportunity.

Cloud and AI

AP101t - What is new with Azure Stack and what is coming: A deeper dive with the product team

Description: Azure Stack has been available for 9 months; discussing what is next is appropriate. Attend this session to get details about the Azure Stack roadmap and get clarity on new features and enhancements coming during 2018.

PN19t - Benefits of a cloud support offering and Cloud Solution Provider direct bill requirements

Description: With the new CSP direct bill requirement to purchase an Advanced or a Premier support offering, identify the differences and benefits of each program. Discover how to apply these support offerings to stay ahead in a cloud world.

DA139 - Migrating and managing your data in the cloud

Description: In addition to the first party offerings enabling business critical workloads like backup, recovery, DR, archive, and data transport, Microsoft has a rich ecosystem of industry leading ISVs who provide enterprise grade capabilities in these areas. In this session, learn about some of the leading ISV offerings that SIs can not only build a hybrid cloud practice around, but also acclerate their existing customers' journey to the cloud.


OFC113t - Build apps and services to extend Office 365 with the Microsoft Teams platform

Description: Join a discussion about how to increase customer loyalty and ensure end-user adoption aligned to business needs. Then, find out about enriching your practice with Microsoft Teams partner solutions, and how to integrate your own app or service with Microsoft Teams through bots, tabs, and connectors.

IND61 - Media and communications: Ground zero for digital transformation

Description: Media & Communications companies are at the forefront of digital transformation, with the cloud, data, and AI being key drivers. Learn how Microsoft and our partners are uniquely positioned to help our M&C customers transform and increase our share of wallet in these accounts.

AP125t - Introduction to Cloud Service Provider for Government: Program Overview, benefits and how to set up your customers

Description: With the new CSP direct bill requirement to purchase an Advanced or a Premier support offering, identify the differences and benefits of each program. Discover how to apply these support offerings to stay ahead in a cloud world.