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Inspire 2020 - status check first morning

Hello all,


Now that Inspire 2020 has opened, what do you think?


My take is that this digital format works pretty well. I do miss the in-person meetings and the vibrant buzz with so many people in the same building. But I think that this works well! 


The Corenotes are as efficient being delivered digitally as in a physical big arena - perhaps even better digitally where you can easier take notes.


The break-outs are different and I like that you can attend more breakouts and you don't need to navigate between the rooms. The Q&A has so far been very efficient.


The parties will not be the same and nothing beats a party in Las Vegas but that's probably a sacrifice we can accept.


So my take is that works well! It's different, but not that different and still a great experience. 


What's your take?



Regards, Per