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Microsoft Inspire 2020 Discussions

Tune in for the Inspire Digital Event and connect with partners, Microsoft and Industry experts.


Going digital! This will be fun and this will be great!

I must confess that Inspire has always been one of absolute highlights in the year for me! The atmosphere and the networking has been tremendous and so many business relationships have been forged and developed at Inspire (and WPC).


But times are changing and this year we will have another experience! Different but equally great!


I know that Microsoft has learnt a lot this Spring for how to deliver compelling conference experiences online! I also know that the number of attendees in this Spring's conferences has skyrocketed compared to the in-person previous versions of these conferences so we will blow all metrics out of the charts!


I see that Corenotes will be the same, or perhaps better, when you watch it online. Of course you don't get the same atmosphere but you will be able to do note-taking more efficiently. The same with Breakouts and the important Q&A part will still be there! 


The networking part, that I personally value the most, is something that the organizing team has spent lots of effort making sure that it has super-high value and I think that we will see more structured meetings this year compared to previous years.


One main benefit this year is that the cost is zero to attend and that will of course open up for even more people to attend, and perhaps also smaller partners and people from less developed economies and that warms my heart.


A negative is of course all the parties and that is something that will not quite be the same, but I'm pretty sure that many partners will come up with their own creative solutions for this!


We live in challenging times, this year we have all changed our behaviors, we have all started to work from home and life has radically changed. Being able to deliver a compelling and vibrant Inspire is something that we all need to take responsibility for - it's important for our industry and it's important for how to position yourself as a winner post-Corona! 


See you at Inspire! I am really looking forward to this!



Regards, Per