Microsoft Cloud Partner Program: Solutions Partner associations playbook is available

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In preparation for the launch of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program on October 3, 2022, a new playbook on how to associate partner activity and success with customers for the purposes of earning a Microsoft Solutions Partner designation has been published.

Below is information on what the playbook contains, and links to it and other resources.


The Solutions Partner associations playbook reviews how to use Digital Partner of Record (DPOR), Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR), Partner Admin Link (PAL), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for partner associations. The goal is to help you understand:

  • Partner associations are the sole mechanism by which customer success, performance, and skilling category points are acknowledged and calculated towards achieving solutions partner designation(s). Without these associations in place, partner capability score points are not recognized.
  • How to get these associations implemented on your end and with the support of their customer if needed.

For each of the association processes, the playbook contains information and graphics on how each process works, the benefits for using it, types of associations, a how-to section, an FAQ, and links for resources. 

They playbook is accessible:

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Is anyone else having getting an error when they try to save the file?


Hi @dconnor1, no error from my side but I am attaching the file here as well and hope this helps. 

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@dconnor1 I didn't have an issue when I saved it this morning.

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I've been looking for something like this for the last year, thank you!


Happy to help thanks @sb_brooke