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When selling Azure, don’t put Azure first.

Instead, put the business first.

We know this is the key to success from our research and data of +450 Microsoft partners worldwide, giving us a unique and multi-dimensional view of the details behind an #Azure sale. These insights are also what got Alinea Partners into the catalogue of the #Microsoft Go-To-Market services with no less than 3 of our programs!

In addition to our Secret Shopper program and our Azure Acceleration Best Practices Webinar, we offer an extensive GTM Azure Acceleration Business Outcome training session. In this 4-hour session, CEO Leahanne Hobson and Senior Advisor Christian Hess help sales representatives and partners to follow industry best practices and get started with business outcome selling.

In other words: skip the technical conversation when selling Azure. Instead, start a business conversation. As a result, partners will be able to sell Azure differently than 66% of the Microsoft ecosystem and, therefore, close strategic deals faster.

For more information, watch the video below or schedule your session here and reach your Azure growth goals! For a personal consultation, contact Leahanne Hobson, CEO on LinkedIn.


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