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“There has been a number of suspicious login attempts on your account, please follow the link to view activity”

This is just one of many phrases that hackers use in a cyberattack, more specifically, in phishing emails.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a 189% increase in cyberattacks (according to The News International), showing just how relevant and substantial this problem is to businesses. This makes security a valuable talking point during your pre-sales conversations. Cybersecurity is a concern that all businesses have - or should have - and are actively searching solutions for.

Talking about security issues, risks and cyberthreat prevention as a business as well as from an employee perspective will get the attention of a customer or prospect much faster. This accelerates moving from a simple sales conversation to proposal stage by reaching C-level first, technical second.

How have you framed your sales conversations around cybersecurity to reach out to C-level contacts?


For more information, check out the video on our LinkedIn post.

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