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So you dreamed of becoming an “Azure Sales Champ” as a child?


In the many conversations I have with Partner Sales managers about selling Azure migrate projects, two thirds say that their added value as a sales professional is not being fully utilized.


This is mainly because,  due to the instigation from Microsoft, Azure migrate projects are sold based on technical features and the way the technical migration will be executed. Hence, the Solution Architect is crucial not only in making such a technical proposal but also in presenting it.

Your role is marginalized to entourage, because the only one who understands the proposal is the customers IT manager. This never leads to a strategic decision to migrate as a company to Azure and lead to large profitable projects. Instead of, if you are lucky, the customer’s order some development VMs as test.


Frustrating for you as professional, trained and experienced in selling business values to the entire DMU of a customer and focused on large strategic projects, giving continuity to your organization and building on long term profitable customer relationships.


For you we made this video, to explain to your colleagues how you feel when selling Azure migrate projects.


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Super excited about working with you guys Herb and Dik!


Our research of +450 #Microsoft Partners globally showed that +70% of wanted or 'really' wanted this type of solution. Existing tools weren't meeting the need.

We immediately agreed to work together. To offer the tools as well as #Azure Acceleration Training, business outcome sales content, marketing best practice and upsell motions