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How to successfully sell Azure Migrate

How to successfully sell Azure Migrate?


Selling Azure Migrate traditionally

The most common way to sell Azure Migrate is having technical conversations with the IT department of your customer. However, there are multiple problems to this approach – the biggest one being that you have to sell every migration project over and over (and over) again. This means that sales costs are high, revenues are low, and the customer will inevitably invite competitors to get the best deal for the lowest price possible. The result? The margin on your Azure business will decrease and keep decreasing. You’re not able to sell any added value services and you have no chance of building a trusted relationship with your customer.


Selling Azure Migrate like a pro

Fortunately, there is a more successful way. By stop focusing on the IT department of your customer and going straight to their Decision Making Unit, you’re making them aware that the decision to migrate to Azure is an important, fruitful decision and a major step in their digital transformation. The big advantage relative to the approach mentioned above, is that you only have to sell Azure Migrate once and – if successful – you will become their trusted partner. Your relationship will be more sustainable and because of that, you will make higher margins by selling more added value services.


Who are we?

In this Selling Azure Migrate Community blog, we’ll share our long years of selling strategically managed services business to end customers. More particularly, we’ll enlighten you in how to be successful in selling Azure Migrate. We – Alinea Partners and the CloudLab – are both long year Microsoft partners and have worked within the Azure Migration space ourselves. Follow us for a new view on the world of Azure and start selling Azure Migrate like a pro!


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