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Windows modules installer worker long time

Good afternoon

After deploying Windows server 2022 DC and installing
web-ftp (Install-WindowsFeature Web-FTP-Server -IncludeManagementTools)
By executing a sysprep after creating the image, the virtual machine from the image occurs windows modules installer worker for a long time.

Checking for problems with updates shows that there is a problem, but there is no way to fix it yet. (screenshot attached).

The manual option of stopping the windows modules installer service and deleting the SoftwareDistribution directory does not help either.

Has anyone encountered such a problem, and how can it be solved?

Thank you.

long Windows modules installer.jpgTroubleshooting Update Detected.jpg

Community Manager

 I'm sorry no one has chimed in with help for you, I think you best bet would be to submit a partner support ticket at this point. 

Community Manager

Tracking, I hope someone comes back with an answer for you.