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Where does the leads go when they press "Contact Me" on AppSource



I could not find the leads gained from AppSource, 

I have: 
-Tested using my email to see whether the leads are going to my email but nothing happens

-I have changed the contact info to my email. Just hope that the lead will send to my email 
-I saw a few threads that talks about the lead go to the Engineering Support email but still nothing happens when we look at it. 

I have go to leads (marketplace) in the Referrals but nothing still.


Where do the leads go? 





Leads will go to whatever CRM instance you have connected to your offer which you can do in the offer management section of Partner Center.


Here is some documentation that guides you through setting up various systems.




Hope that helps.

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I tried all. I do not use any CRM listed. 

Listed CRM: I do not use them
Azure Sign Up: I cant complete the sign up as the country/region is locked (USA) while I am at Malaysia. I could not complete on the verification by card. 

Power Automate: It says I dont have the right license to proceed. which might mean I might need to subscribe power Automate. 


Is there any other method other than those above? 


Those are the CRMs supported by marketplace right now. There are plans to open to a broader set of CRM providers. Does your company use any CRM right now for lead gathering? If so, which one?

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I am using ZOHO at the moment. 
Update: I have received the leads requests but there are no details on them. 

Can we have a call via teams or any other tools?




If your CRM system isn't explicitly supported in this list, you can store the customer lead data by using the following options. Then you can export or import this data into your CRM system.
Azure table - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/partner-center-portal/commercial-marketplace-lead-management-instructions-azure-table
HTTPS endpoint - 


Additional information here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/partner-center-portal/commercial-marketplace-get-customer-leads


Please check out the options above. 




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Good day, 

I have tried both:
Azure Table and Dynamic 365 but it incurs cost on my side. (stated on my previous reply)
Azure Table requires me to fill my credit card as verification but the region is locked on US while my team and I are at South East Asia. Assuming that it is due to Azure geographical location. 


Dynamic 365 CRM requires me to subscribe before I can use it. I already have a CRM. It does not make sense for me to have another CRM for this occasion. 

Currently we are going for HTTPS but still Marketplace is sending my new lead request notification and does not include the details of the lead. 


Thank you for your thorough attempts to get leads set up. Great that you have HTTPS set up. I'm not sure why you are not seeing lead detail.


Next step, I recommend that you please submit a support ticket here:  https://aka.ms/MarketplacePublisherSupport


Warm regards,