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Transact with Azure - cancel period

Hi team,


We have just released our SaaS application with Transact with Azure (so people can buy it using their Azure billing account). One of the problem we found is the cancel and refund policy. People can register and use our SaaS product for 14 days, then cancel and get their money back on yearly subscription. Apparently this 14 days is not configurable. It would be great is it was






Hi Benoit,


The information that Jont shared is accurate, and I can share some additional insight into the design and strategy.


Customers are provided a grace period during which time they can cancel their subscription for a full refund. This is not for conducting trials or proof of concepts, but rather, it is intended to reduce purchase friction by giving customers confidence and allowing them to undo accidental purchases.


For monthly subscriptions, the refund period is 24 hours, and for annual subscriptions, it is 14 days. Consumption offers that bill based on usage are non-refundable. These policies are not configurable, and we have not made it possible partly in order to provide a consistent and simple customer experience.


If you see this being abused by multiple customers or a single customer multiple times, we would like to be aware of that, so please do let us know.


Hope this helps!

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Hello Benoit - we work with a lot of ISVs that want to transact on Microsoft's commercial marketplace and frequently are asked this question.  


The Commercial Marketplace Publisher FAQ states the following:


If I am not satisfied, can I return a purchase?

Purchases made from Azure Marketplace cannot be returned but can be canceled/deleted. Consumption-based offers are billed according to usage, so when it stops, charges stop as well. Subscriptions are canceled and will not be billed past the current billing period. If a subscription is canceled shortly after purchase (24 hours for monthly and 14 days for annual), a full refund is provided.

Customers must directly contact the publisher for any technical issues relating to their Marketplace service or purchase. Publisher contact information and/or a link to the support website can be found on their solution details page on Azure Marketplace.


As a Publisher, you are agreeing to this term as part of signing the Publisher Agreement.  Most companies we work with simply offer Monthly contracts. 


Curious to see if the Microsoft team replies with a different answer.




Hi @BenoitAlvarez 


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


I hope you will find a way to avoid this type of practice.


I am adding @ellacroi, maybe she has something in mind on how to bypass this situation? 


Thank you very much!