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Test Drive (ARM Template) fails because of api-version



I have a problem when providing an ARM Test Drive.

It uses "Microsoft.Resources/deployments" with "apiVersion":"2017-05-10".

When executing it manually from portal or azure CLI everything works fine.

However, when I execute this template in a Test Drive from a Marketplace Offer I get an error:

"The api-version '2016-02-01' used to deploy the template does not support 'ResourceGroup' property. Please use api-version '2017-05-10' or later ..."


So, I guess there are some restrictions when using ARM Template APIs in a TestDrive. Am I correct? Are there any workarounds? I wanted to use ARM Deployments resource to add something to another resource group. Is there another way to do this with ARM Templates?


Thanks in advance


If this is still an issue, please be sure to submit a support request at: aka.ms/marketplacepublishersupport