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Suggestions for improving the Size Selector UI element of CreateUiDefinition

I am in the process of publishing the Azure Application in the Azure Marketplace.


In createUiDefinition.json, we want to use Microsoft.Compute.SizeSelector to size the virtual machine and let the user select the appropriate size.


I recognize that customers can filter their VM choices using either of the following features to allow users to choose the optimal VM size.


"constraints": {
"allowedSizes": [],
"excludedSizes": []


However, Azure's VM size continues to grow, and we think it's impractical to add allowedSizes to the crateUiDefinitions.json every time a new VM comes along.


My desired additions to Microsoft.Compute.SizeSelector are as follows.


(1) The following conditions can be included in the filter


- Supports or does not support Accelerated networking.
- Support/non-support for ephemeral OS disk (Windows / Linux)
- Supports or does not support Premium Disk
- Minimum vCore count
- Minimum number of memories
- Minimum number of NICs


(2) In addition to the name of the VM size selected as a result of the output, the following statuses are also output.


- Is accelerated networking available?
- Is the ephemeral OS disk available?
- Is it possible to use Premium Disk?


Thank you for your consideration.