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Subscriptions resolution call on Mock API failing - Trying to get started with a 1st SaaS offering

When calling the Mock API with:


I get:

The HTTP resource that matches the request URI 'https://marketplaceapi.microsoft.com/api/saas/subscriptions?api-version=2018-09-15' does not support the API version '2018-09-15'

I got the same error using 


I believe I have a valid JWT for the call, but not a valid "x-ms-marketplace-token", since the offering is not yet published.



1. Why is this call failing (even with the Mock API)?

2. How can I test the API calls with a "x-ms-marketplace-token" prior to publishing?

3. I published in "Preview" mode today, but don't see it in the market place.  Why not?

4. How to test the Marketplace/Service interactions without actually making SaaS purchases