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Reviews and Ratings

How do customers send their reviews after they deploy or tries our app on Marketplace?


After a customer acquires or tries an app on Marketplace, the customer will receive an email within 7 days requesting their feedback. The email contains a link, redirecting them to Marketplace to write a review. The link will expire afer 2 weeks. The review is then posted on the publisher's offer listing page.

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Hi !

Is this also possible for a "Contact Me" type ?


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I don't think this is being consistently sent to people trialling our app - people aren't receiving the email. Any way that we could be CCed into the review email so we know that people are being asked?

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Question: How do vendors reply back to reviews posted?


We're working on this capability- ISVs will be able to post public comments in response to reviews. I don't have a firm ETA but we expect this to go live soon.

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Hi Ruchi,

We have two listed applications on AppSource (Org Chart & Account Planner). We have started to receive reviews/comments on these but unfortunately are unable to respond to them since the reply functionality is not available.

This is very one-sided and unfair, as -

1. We do not get any contact details of the person posting the review to reach out to them and try to solve issues faced by them or get any type of feedback.

2. There is no means to respond to them on the Review Page either.

So, in essence, all reviews remain unanswered and there is no communication channel. In absence of reply functionality, there MUST be an option to moderate reviews or turn them off till reply is available.

Please respond.

Many thanks.


Ali Ranalvi


Thanks for the feedback Ali - 

As my peer Ruchi mentioned, there is improvements on Reviews and Ratings in the works on our team to be able to reply to existing reviews.

As of now, if there is a specific review that you are in need of moderating, you can file a support request to get assistance.


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Has there been any progress on this request?


As of April 2019 it still seems that I am unable to respond to user reviews in the AppSource.

I've seen requests for this feature dating from Dec 2017, and it is now 15 months later.


Would it be possible for you to provide an update on whether this feature is available, and if not available a timescale for implementation.


Thanks in anticipation