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Receiving So many Test leads in our Salesforce Org



We are receiving so many test leads in our Salesforce organization. How to stop getting these leads in our Salesforce.


Please check the following test leads,

Lead ListLead ListDetail of LeadDetail of Lead


Please help me to resolve this.




Level 1 Contributor

After long discussions and followup emails with MS Engineering team, the MSFT_TEST leads issue has been resolved.
if you still facing this issue you can create a support ticket with marketplace support


Hi Ajay - I believe we've identified the cause of the test leads (UAT activities) and mitigation is now in place. Please reply here if you're seeing the leads continue.


I would always encourage you to engage with the community and Microsoft teams through this forum, but for issues like this, a support ticket is also important. An agent will be assigned to triage, escalate, and track the problem, and they have paths to create incidents for the engineering team directly.