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Receiving So many Test leads in our Salesforce Org



We are receiving so many test leads in our Salesforce organization. How to stop getting these leads in our Salesforce.


Please check the following test leads,

Lead ListLead ListDetail of LeadDetail of Lead


Please help me to resolve this.




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Salesforce.org is a social enterprise from American based cloud computing company Salesforce.com that delivers technology, grants and volunteering programs to nonprofit and educational organizations. The company's goal is to provide the same opportunities to these institutions that are available to larger for-profit companies. Salesforce.org's The Power of Us program is the only complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform for nonprofit organizations.

Salesforce ( Salesforce Online Training ) is the world's top CRM product. The enterprise provides a customer success platform that is designed to help companies reach their goals and grow. The cloud based platform holds customer information and gives insight into customer needs, creating better customer relationships and solutions for different areas in business like sales, marketing and customer service.

Salesforce.org is the result of the 1-1-1 Model of Integrated Philanthropy that Salesforce adopted in 1999. Under the 1-1-1 Model, Salesforce asks its partners to giveback 1% of their products, time or resources. Since its initiation in 1999, the 1-1-1 Model has provided 2.3 million hours of community service, $168 million in grants to those in need and more than 32,000 donations to nonprofits.

The Power of Us program gives nonprofit and educational organizations the ability to control their entire mission. With the Salesforce CRM software, these organizations can track and measure their impact in real time, increase revenue raised with artificial intelligence (AI) driven awareness of donors and create a personal journey for every community member.

Salesforce.org's mission is to give the world's best technology to nonprofit and educational institutions in order to help them increase their impact. The social enterprise believes every person who wants to change the world should have access to the technology they need to do so and they hope their services will empower their grantees and citizen philanthropists to make outcome-focused decisions that will accelerate their social influence.

Salesforce.org provides a limited and an unlimited package in three different fields: service, marketing and applications (apps).

The service cloud Lightning Enterprise Edition includes:

case auto-assignment and escalation
computer-telephony integration (CTI)
customizable dashboards
Facebook integration
web chat
enterprise analytics
email integration
The service cloud Lightning Unlimited Edition includes everything in the Enterprise Edition plus additional services, including:

live agent web chat
additional data storage
24/7 toll-free support
unlimited online training
The marketing cloud allows nonprofit and educational institutions to better engage with their communities. The basic marketing cloud offers services such as:

training and best practices
up to 2 social presences -- established social media accounts that can engage in purposeful relationships online
social media optimization
social listening for up to 20 thousand mentions
The professional package is the most popular option for marketing clouds. This offer expands on the basic and includes:

up to 10 social presences
social listening for up to 250 thousand mentions
full reporting and dashboards
increased engagement
Finally, the corporate marketing cloud continues to increase the offers and provides services like:

up to 20 social presences
social listening up to 1.5 million mentions
complete workflow and automation
The application cloud edition of Salesforce.org focuses on user access apps. The Lightning Platform Starter includes:

account and contact management
task and event tracking
Salesforce identity
mobile development kit
cloud database
use of Force.com for point-and-click app development
custom app development with 10 objects per user
The Lightning Platform Plus includes the Stater offerings plus:

custom app development with 100 objects per user
mobile access and administration
integration via real time application program interfaces (APIs)
How to qualify for Salesforce.org funding
In order to qualify for the Salesforce.org Power of Us program, a company must be able to provide legal documentation of their recognition as a nonprofit, nongovernmental, charitable, social change or educational institution. The organization's purpose must be focused on topics such as religion, charity, science, literature, education, arts, culture, social services or benefitting social welfare. The exact services or offers an institution may receive will vary based on geographic location. For example, Salesforce.org provides a donation but no discounts to organizations in Russia and a discount but no donation to organizations in Denmark.

Difference between Salesforce.org and Salesforce.com
While Salesforce.org is a part of the larger Salesforce software company, there are some key differences between Salesforce.org and Salesforce.com businesses.

The major difference between the two is that while Salesforce.com caters to businesses, Salesforce.org focuses on nonprofit organizations, higher education and K12 education.

The products offered by Salesforce.org are also different and more focused on the specific types of organizations they serve. For example, while Salesforce.com offers clouds for specific business departments like sales, service, marketing and analytics, Salesforce.org offers the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA).

Furthermore, Salesforce.com users have access to the Community Cloud, a network that connects businesses using Salesforce software. Institutions in the Salesforce.org program can join the Power of Us hub for community support from other nonprofits and educational organizations.

This was last updated in June 2019
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Lavanya Sreepada.

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After long discussions and followup emails with MS Engineering team, the MSFT_TEST leads issue has been resolved.
if you still facing this issue you can create a support ticket with marketplace support


Hi Ajay - I believe we've identified the cause of the test leads (UAT activities) and mitigation is now in place. Please reply here if you're seeing the leads continue.


I would always encourage you to engage with the community and Microsoft teams through this forum, but for issues like this, a support ticket is also important. An agent will be assigned to triage, escalate, and track the problem, and they have paths to create incidents for the engineering team directly.