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Purchase Microsoft Action Pack Subscription to submit to the Azure Marketplace?

We are attempting to submit our enterprise solution to the marketplace. When finally getting past the (very involved) process of setting up an SKU, we are told that our company does not have a Dev Center account. I see in the MPN page that Microsoft Action Pack Subscription for $475 is the most basic option. Is this what we need? Is this really necessary?


We are an AWS shop so Azure is new to us, but we already submitted to their marketplace and that was a much more straightforward process. Hoping to get the ball rolling on this soon.


One step during Dev Center account creation is to link it to your Partner Center account. Partner Center means that you need to be a partner - for this it is not required to obtain Action Pack, you just need to be registered. Action Pack is just the smallest membership-package with internal use right software and some support benefits you can buy, as Partner you can have just the status of "registered" without having MAPS.

The sign-up process is here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/dashboard/account/v3/enrollment/joinnow/basicpartnernetwork/new if you are no registered Partner yet.

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Hi anthonymag, 


Good question. Yes, You will need a DevCenter account and link that to your Publisher profile in order to create offers that utilize the Marketplace e-commerce engine. Please follow the documentation on this step to set this up: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/become-publisher#5-register-in-dev-center-for-transact-publishing-option-only