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Publishing failed because Marketplace team is uncertain about the offer type

My partner is trying to publish in the marketplace as consulting service but it's failed, support is saying:


We are uncertain whether you are providing professional services or selling an application, technical product, or repeatable IP. For that reason, we cannot accurately review your offer. This often happens because terms are used that seem to be branded product terms, which seem to represent an app and not a professional service.

Please read through the scenarios below and assess which one is closest to articulating your goal for this offer in the marketplace


It is unclear for my partner what needs to be changed. We would like to know exactly what action needs to be taken where in order to publish successfully. 


What they sell is a service offering that is a solution for a business problem. It is a data science solution/service based on Azure components, so not an application / IP!


Re: Publishing failed because Marketplace team is uncertain about the offer type

Hi evdam,


This often happens if an offer description doesn't clarify whether there is professional services involved in the solution. The only context the certification team has is what's written in the offer description, and so if they aren't sure what's being offered, chances are a customer isn't sure either!


Without context, I recommend adding a sentence either at the beginning or at the end that showcases that there are professionals who will work in person with the target customer. Something like, "our experts will solve based on the customers' needs" or, "we provide custom solutions per customer with the help of our proficient consultants."