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Publish problems with manual validation



i have get publish problems in Manual validation  . are you try to stop me to publish using own vm image ?



Level 2 Contributor

Yes , the issue if I upgrade to new version . If using same image without upgrade new version it will reject . 

I don't know why . Can't upgrade fedora  distro . Maybe I need reconfigure back the image after upgrading .

Community Manager

Hello @hasnan ,


For sure there must be a solution to your query.

Please start by reviewing this documentation: How to test and publish an Azure Application offer | Microsoft Docs
Maybe this paragraph is addressing your issue: 

Errors and review feedback

The Manual validation step in the publishing process represents an extensive review of your offer and its associated technical assets (especially the Azure Resource Manager template) issues are typically presented as pull request (PR) links. An explanation of how to view and respond to these PRs, see Handling review feedback.


Alternatively please use the Contact Support button at the top to raise a case to support.


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