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Problems with using company emails

Anyone else having the problem where Microsoft requires you to register Dev Center with a personal email?

It was really frustrating when you want to do things the right way (don't use personal emali for work stuff!).


After I compromised and set up a personal email only for Dev Center. I used my work email as a confirmation email - and I never received anything.


There are so many issues with this approach (who will be maintaining the passwords, is this safe, is this compliant, etc). But the support team (funny it requires multiple support teams to be involved) I contacted all told me I must use a personal email for this. No other options.


I really don't think this is professional at all and hope someone I fix this. I'm usually a Microsoft fan, being a surface book user in an office where everybody has a Mac. But I'm really disappointed this time...



Hi Leeqinhk, 


Thank you for feedback. I would recommend you submit a support ticket with the Dev Center team. Unfortunately, the personal email is a known issue if your company has an Azure AD federated domain: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/guidelines#issue-microsoft-id-in-an-azure-ad-federated-domain.  


Really appreciated this feedback and we are working on getting this fixed. 






Level 1 Contributor

After filing a few support tickets (so many different support ticket systems) and being kicket around many times, I really don't trust the support teams.

You know how it is: the system will generate some emails/messages and they send you to read docs, or ask you to do things that are not helpful.


For example, the support team ask me to change the contact to a personal email -- and I did because they really passive-agressively said "We will not be able to assist you until you try those steps". 


This is the message I got: Picture1.png

I did onboarding with AWS and GCP marketplace, much easier.