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Previewing private plans in transactable SaaS offers

Hello! We're working on a transactable SaaS offer in the Azure Marketplace. Our offer will have a standard public plan, and then we'll also create private plans for certain customers. Currently, the offer is in an unpublished stage, so we're working off of a preview.

I'm trying to test private plan creation. However, no matter what AD Tenant IDs I use (or don't use) for them, the plans can always be seen by the whole preview audience in the Azure Marketplace or Azure Portal, and not just the select few users under those allowlisted Tenant IDs.

Is there something I'm missing? Can private plans even be previewed and tested before publishing an offer? I have tried creating two offers, one with public and private plans, and one with just private plans, but the same thing happens.

If it makes any difference, our MSP application is still being processed, so I've been setting both public and private plan prices to $0.00.


The Preview Audience (aka. the testing team) will see everything under Preview.  Once the plan is Live then only the private SubscriptionsID will have access to the Private Plan.