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Offer not previewing in the Azure marketplace

I have created 2xoffers (Software as a Service), identical from the setup side but different applications to reflect the 2 different software identity.


Unfortunately, one of them I cannot preview in the Azure marketplace, the preview is available only for the app source. Can anybody advise what should I do? 



Level 2 Contributor

Is it within the same tenant or within different ones? We ran into this issue when being a "guest" in a tenant.

Level 1 Contributor

For me the private products are not shown in the Marketplace and the preview link points to an error page. As soon as the Offer is set to live it shows up.

Level 2 Contributor

I have this issue in two tenants. None of the SaaS offers in preview state are shown.

With a third tenant it works properly with the same SaaS offers.

Level 2 Contributor

Is it that the Preview link in the Offer Overview section of the Partner Center isn't working, or can you not find the offer from within the Marketplace?


I usually make sure that one of my accounts is listed as a Preview Audience member (and potentially that my tenant ID has access to a private plan), and then I log into the Azure Marketplace itself to check the listing as a customer would see it.

Level 2 Contributor

It's actually both: the preview link does not work and the offer is not shown to any of the listed preview audience members!

We have three tenants listed and with two of them we see this issue - the third tenant works just fine!