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Offer Test Drive for Dynamics 365 - best practise for Test Drive Tenant?

Hi all,


Been publishing our App to the world via AppSource and have been working with MS to determine the best practise for the Test Drive Tenant when releasing an App for Dynamics 365.


To setup and maintain the Tenant containing our App, we would have 4 options as far I can see:

1. Commercial Tenant - Purchase a New Dynamics Subscription from our CSP and maintain this as our Test Drive Tenant (paid-for-tenant)

2. IUR Tenant - Allocate one of our IUR Tenants as a permanent Test Drive for Prospect.

  • Seems the easiest way – but is it recommended to use an Internal Use Right Tenant as a Demo Tenant for the App?  Could be security problem to use a Tenant within our Azure AD.

3. Temporary Tenant - Spin up a Temporary Pre-Sales Tenant (done here https://cdx.transform.microsoft.com/) and have this as our Test Drive – recycling every 90 days as a new Tenant

  • Probably the best way – but we would need to recycle the Tenant every 90 days, and the Pre-Sales Tenants can be quite slow!

4. Other Option?  Permanent Demo Tenant - Obtain another Type of Tenant from Microsoft as a permanent Test Drive?


Food for thought and so wanted to gather any advice on potential best practise or suggestions from other Apps offering a Test Drive.


Our App does have a 5th option in providing a Wizard to install the App on the Customer's Tenant via a Quick Wizard - so the Test Drive could be the second best option, but thought it would be usful to offer this as an option for potential customers if they don't want to add the App to their Sandbox or don't yet have Dynamics 365.


Kind Regards, Paul.


Hey Paul,


This is a great topic! I see a lot of value in what you're doing for your customers and love how you're thinking about it.


I'm dangerous on IURs... I understand them but am not an expert. That said, I think this would be my last resort recommendation. It seems to have the highest risk without benefits that to justify it.


Temporary pre-sales tenants have the benefit of being free. Depending on what you're using, this may be the best way to maintain a viable ROI; however, the cost in labor to rebuild every 90 days may outweigh the free software and infrastructure. If your test drive is quick and easy to set up, this may be the way to go.


If your test drive takes a bit of manual configuration or your consumption on the tenant is minimal, I'd recommend the permanent commercial tenant approach. You maintain control and, other than cost, have the lowest risk in this model.


I've also reached out to a few D365 specialists to get their feedback.