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Nothing on Cloud Partner Insights :(



I have published a free VM solution on azure marketplace, but I can't see anything on Insights. It's a bit confusing and I wonder if it's because no one tried my solution or Insights doesn't show info for free solutions or something is broken and I should contact MS and get it fixed. I will appreciate if you share your experience with Insights dashboard.


Thank you.



I am from Cloud Partner Insights team.

- Do you see your offer listed in Azure market place portal ?

- The Inisghts will be shown only to the offers which have been acquired by customers.

Please share your Publisher ID, User ID with which you login to cloud Partner Insights and the Offer you are referring to.

 please send me these details directly to my email shthota@microsoft.com



Shravan Thota



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Hi -


I am unable to get access to Cloud Portal Insights.  I am receiving a frowny face with not data.  

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Thank you, Shravan. I've sent you an email with details.


we are actively investigating this issue. will revert with an update.

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Hi Shravan


I have sent you an email also, as I am expericing the same issue.




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I have the same issue.


I contacted support, but sadly didn't get anywhere with it, I was told that it was a common issue with Partners. has been nearly 2 months now.