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New landing page for Microsoft commercial marketplace documentation

Microsoft’s commercial marketplace publishing guide is a great resource for the information you need to onboard, manage, and analyze your commercial marketplace offers. To make the wealth of commercial marketplace documentation easier to navigate, we published a new landing page to help you find the information you need. This welcome page was created with common scenarios in mind to provide reference documentation you need to learn about Microsoft’s commercial marketplace and get started on your publisher journey. Featured sections include:


  • Working in the Microsoft commercial marketplace
  • Common scenarios and tasks
  • Analyze your offer and customer data
  • Manage your offers
  • Get Paid
  • API reference
  • Get support

To access this new landing page, go to https://aka.ms/marketplacepublisherguide.


As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!  

Level 2 Contributor

We appreciate the meaningful step forward.  The new landing page is better organized around outcomes and objectives, making it easier to find what you need.  Thanks and keep it up - we use these docs regularly!


Thanks, Jont! Are there any articles or topics that you would recommend we include on the landing page or any that you see but hadn't found before?

Level 2 Contributor

One area that I didn't see explicitly covered is the important role that Azure Active Directory and RBAC has in (1) the listing process and (2) the purchase (through a marketplace listing) process.  Also (although not sure if this is the right forum), there lacks any documentation on the buyer experience.  This is all geared toward the seller/publisher, but we often have to walk our customers through the purchase process, particularly since we transact mostly using private plans/offers.  Thanks for asking, @brian_levenson 


Great feedback! You're super well aligned with the work we have in progress.


  • Azure Active Directory support and Single Sign On functionality - we are putting together a vteam to compile the requirements, best practices, existing material, and needed material to make this simpler.
  • Buyer guidance - a draft of initial content is going through editorial review as I type.