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Network security configuration for writing Leads to Azure Table

I successfully added and tested a Lead configuration with an Azure Table as target. At that time there were no networking restrictions on the Azure Storage account that the table is in.

As I want to make this storage account secure I restricted the networks that can access the storage account.

As expected the lead configuration in in Azure marketplace now fails to connect.

I cannot seem to find any information on which IP or service needs to be allowed on the storage account for this to work.

Any suggestions on how to setup network security for storage accounts for lead-management?


It seems this is not possible using the standard hookup of a leads table. Instead, you can use a technique that is pretty simple with logic apps.


1. Create an HTTP webhook endpoint with a logic app
The logic app will receive the lead and can then save it into a data store (Azure storage/DB/Excel/Etc.). This logic app could also send an email.

2. Back in Partner Center, choose HTTP endpoint as the lead handler and input the URL of your logic app.


Level 1 Contributor

As "Azure Table" is a documented target for lead management in Partner Center I would expect that there is a secure implementation that can be used directly instead of building a workaround with logic apps.