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Multiple Private Offers question



When we are creating Private Offers in the Azure Marketplace via Partner Center, they must be reviewed by Microsoft before they become available to a customer. At times, we will have multiple offers that will all be published at the same time. However, we have a new private offer that needs to be published before the review cycle is complete on a prior offer, do we need to wait for the review cycle to be completed before we can publish the new one?


Private offer #1 - Published on Monday afternoon, and starts the "Certification" process which may take until Wednesday to complete (per the SLA on the portal)


Private offer #2 - On Tuesday, we need to publish this, but Offer #1 has not completed it's Certification


Can we publish Private Offer #2 on Tuesday?







Are these two private plans under a single offer? Or are they a part of two separate offers? 

Level 2 Contributor

These are two different plans under the same offer.


Hi Cheryle,


You can have 2 different plans under the same offer in different stages of certification at the same time. You are not required to complete certification on the first before initiating certification on the second. 


In other words, you can submit plan #2 for certification whilst plan #1 is still in the certification process.


Hope this helps.