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Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Learn how to grow your business by publishing your cloud solution on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace


Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Quick Start - Guide and Videos

Selling through Microsoft's commercial marketplace - in product experiences, Azure Marketplace, Microsoft AppSource, Cloud Solution Provider program, and Microsoft field co-selling - unlocks business growth through new channels, markets, and customers.


But getting started can be overwhelming, and there are a lot of options and settings to consider. That's why we've created a simplified guide that introduces and defines concepts with links to deeper articles for how-to guidance.


"Selling through Microsoft's commercial marketplace" is attached to this post for download.


The PDF document covers:

  • Channels
  • Programs
  • Getting started
  • Offer types
  • Product types
  • Terms and customization
  • Pricing options
  • Policies and processes


And if you prefer video or audio, we have a corresponding video series!


Full playlist of all modules: https://aka.ms/SellThroughMarketplaceVideoSeries 

  1. Overview and getting started
  2. Offer types, pricing options, and agency model
  3. Processes and policies
  4. VMs and Azure Apps
  5. Software-as-a-Service
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Dear @brian_levenson 


Hope you are well.


Do you have any an updated version of this document perhaps? I am specifically after the latest and targeted supported product types that can be transact listings?


Kind Regards


Visitor 2

Hi @AndreWitte - sorry I didn't reply, and I no longer have access to that account for notifications... You can find updated content in the Docs articles and well laid out trainings on Microsoft Learn.





Having trouble finding the Quick Start Guide? It's down at the bottom.


screen shot of where to find download linkscreen shot of where to find download link



Can you also share the decks, please?


Hey Kirill - sorry for the long delayed response. I was on paternity leave during Oct, Nov, and Dec and am back at work now. I'll look for the decks and find the best place to share them. Microsoft folks also have access to some great resources on the internal Infopedia page (aka.ms/commercialmarketplaceinfopedia).