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Microsoft AppSource and Paid Office Add-ins

Hello, Everyone.


I have a Word Add-in that I want to publish as a paid SaaS in Microsoft AppSource. I am not sure if this is even possible.


When I look in AppSource for a Paid Microsoft 365 Add-in, I find no add-ins listed. There are many that are free or where additional purchase may be required but none that are sold through the AppSource. Is this possible?


This page https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dev/store/monetize-addins-through-microsoft-commercial-marketplace implies that it is possible. Is it possible but never been done before? If it is possible, is there more detailed information available?


Thanks for your help,




On the website it is described that the way to monetize has changed - the Add-In is listed as free, but monetizing can happen via a parallel SaaS service. This is why the list of AddIns only contains "free" types. it is not possible to publish an Add-in that is directly monetized anymore, you need to use the combination of offers described on this site.


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Customer experience
A customer discovers your SaaS service in Microsoft AppSource and purchases licenses, providing their payment details to Microsoft. The customer is then redirected to your website, where they finish setting up their account. The licenses are provisioned and the customer is billed. Your customer is then able to download your free add-in and sign in using the details provided. Your add-in checks the licensing database to verify that the customer has a license.


The documentation you refers to contains multiple links to how to create a corresponding SaaS offering

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Hello, Janosch.


Thanks for the reply. I have been working on this for a while and have most of the SaaS service setup. What is hard to understand is how something is free and paid: “Your add-in will be free for your customers to download, but will require a license to your service” according to the website on monetize your add-in.


Is the add-in published in two places, or will customers have to access it through the AppSource and obtain a license before downloading it? In this case it is listed as free but must be paid for before being downloaded.


The other case is that the customer downloads the add-in for free but must purchase the service to make it function.