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MPN ID, Merge and Move of offers


I'm working with large Microsoft partners to help them optimize their Partner Center experience.

Here are some first specific questions:

- what is the purpose and the importance of the MPN ID that shows in Developer Settings in Partner Center ? If necessary, how can it be modified ? For example, if it is the PGA one of an invited partner before a merge, after this merge it becomes a PLA one. Partner Center Support answer is ''not important''

 - when will it be possible to move an Offer from one Commercial Marketplace to another one ? Partner Center Support answer is ''delete and create a new one''

 - when will it be possible to merge 2 Commercial Marketplaces ? Partner Center Support answer is ''don't know''

 - when will it be possible to add multiple markets (countries) to a Consulting Services offer ? Partner Center Support answer is ''don't know''

Many thanks

Christian FUMEY | OnLineO | Consultant & Founder | eCoaching Partner Center
Level 5 Contributor

Hi Brian, no problem for the delay, and these answers are very encouraging.


  • About MPN ID, my remaining question concerns the case of mergers of 2 Partner Centers. 
    • Based on my own experience in my Partner Center I used as a POC Platform, my PGA was automatically associated with the Commercial Marketplace publisher account when I created my Commercial Marketplace. So PGA will be used as the main MPN ID for credit influenced revenue, referrals, co-sell wins, etc. from Offers but must not be used for any other revenue like CSP, Incentives, etc ?
    • Always based on my own experience, I did a merge of this PGA in another Partner Center. So this PGA is now a PLA in the new Partner Center, and it is always linked to the Commercial Marketplace. Because this new PLA is not used for anything - but Commercial Marketplace - I would like to delete it because it pollutes my Incentives and many other Reports. So my question : how to modify the MPN ID shown in Developer Settings ?
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  • I agree. If transitioning is possible, perfect.
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Christian FUMEY | OnLineO | Consultant & Founder | eCoaching Partner Center

On the first questions - yes - for CSP/Incentives only PLA should be used: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/account-structure

"The PGA is the parent of your company and is not used to associate for Incentives programs or Cloud Solution Provider."


On the second question - @brian_levenson - I can remember I asked something similar and afaik your response what that it will automatically use the PGA and can not change. For @ChristianFUMEY  scenarios indeed the PGA once used will become a PLA - and so the question if

 - A: this will change back automatically to the Orgs PGA 

 - B: Always be bound to the "old PGA", so the PLA and can not be changed

 - C: Can be changed (and afair for this the answer was "no") 


Only if it can be changed, there is chance to delete the location (if there is such option, afaik there is none yet).

Kind regards,
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Level 5 Contributor

Based on my tests on my tenants / Partner Center(s), I have by now only one Commercial Marketplace. This CM was first enroled on the same tenant used for MPN and she got its PGA MPN ID. In the follwing, it will be named PGA_Old.

As fast as it was available I tested the Account merge feature, and from an all new PGA_New MPN partnership I invited PGA_Old to merge. After merge, PGA_Old is now a PLA of PGA_New, and I can confirm and show that the MPN ID I see in Developer Settings is always PGA_Old that is now a PLA one. So by now this PGA_Old cannot be deleted from my PLA list, and is only used for CM. What is its real usage ?

Any roles and rights to CM were unchanged during merge and I only see the menu Developer Settings when I log to Partner Center with a user from Tenant_Old. I can only access the CM from this tenant. Despite I have other tenants in multi-tenancy for MPN Roles, I must add this tenants a second time in Developer Settings to give access to CM. This double tenant management is somewhat disturbing.

Christian FUMEY | OnLineO | Consultant & Founder | eCoaching Partner Center

Hi Christian - sorry for the delayed response while I conferred with some colleagues.


  • The MPN ID shown in Developer Settings is the one associated with the commercial marketplace publisher account. It is the MPN ID to which we credit influenced revenue, referrals, co-sell wins, etc.
  • It is not possible to transfer an offer from one publisher profile to another, and there is work in progress to support this. We do not yet have an ETA for availability and will be excited to share as soon as we have one.
  • We do not have plans to merge two publisher profiles. However, if it is possible to transition offers from one to another, is there still a use case for merging?
  • Consulting Services will support multiple geos per offer (as well as 120+ new geos) in the October/November timeframe.

Hope this helps!