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Listing our Teams App in the market place

I have now spent more than a month reading MS documentation trying to understand the listing process. Our app is a MS Teams app and thus I want to list it in the MS Teams App store. I want to sell the app in 3 ways:

1) A free trial of 15 days which converts to a paid SaaS subscription when it expires (if it hasn't been removed or deactivated).

2) A tiered pricing per user based on the number of users (1=999, is one price, >999 is a slightly lower price)

3) Resold through the MS Partner or CSP network by partners who want to earn a sales commission. For this one we need to know which reseller sold the app and to who so that we can calculate their royalty.


I believe I understand how to do all this in the commercial marketplace, treating our app as an Azure app. It does use Azure as the backend server, and its a bot in Teams, but… It's not an app that anyone who uses Azure for its cloud processing (data and computer resources), as it has nothing to do with managing resources. It's purely a teams app which uses Azure services.


As such it seems to be to belong in the App Source store for MS Teams. But I can't find that store online, only via the Teams "more apps" menu choice. I can start the process of submitting the app using the MPN Portal "submit" process, but when it starts asking me the questions about the above, it doesn't seem to allow a free trial or tiered pricing or reseller set ups.


I have tried 5 times to get support from Microsoft itself. Fire off support requests which they take a few days to answer and so far, all they have done is repeat my own questions back to me because they obviously have no clue themselves. The best experience so far is the person who referred me to a 2nd who referred to me a 3rd, who then asked me my own questions back again until I grew tired of  the whole thing. Really, all these folks want to do is close the ticket!


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Office program is the program to publish Teams apps. Teams apps, Office add-ins, SharePoint add-in, etc. are all published under Office program inside Partner Center. Once it is published into Office program inside Partner Center, it will show up both on AppSource and also in Teams store for Teams apps. 


If you'd like to leverage commerce for transactions on marketplace, then you also need to publish paid SaaS (paid web app) under commercial marketplace inside Partner Center. 


Hi Erik,


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing these issues and haven't received assistance, lets get this sorted out. Can you please provide your support ticket case numbers? Feel free to direct message me as well.




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Hello Sarah;

Thanks so much for reaching out like this. Much appreciated.


The case numbers I can still find are:

2007300040000042 from July 29.


CRM:0301033. This one was replied to by:

Chandni Chauhan
Partner Technical Consultant | Technical Presales & Deployment Services
CSS Partner Enablement
Office: +1 866 425 1603 x. 8980313 | chandch@microsoft.com


The email informed me s/he is going to call me to discuss. This was in response to my elevating the request given we have purchased an Action Pack. But the email is now >24 hours old and although I suggested I'm available anytime for the call, I have not heard back yet.


Then there was this case: 21168284. This one was bounced from the first responder to a second and then a third and this 3rd person simply kept asking me the same question I was asking her! Which is where should I list the app?


I am making some progress, though, and believe our app should now be listed in App Source for the Teams Store, and in the commercial marketplace to enable us to use the CSP reseller program. But I am still struggling to understand some of the options being presented during the application process. Your call here, Sarah. If you'd be willing to dive in and help me through this, that would be fantastic. If you think I should wait for Chandni to call, just tell me that and I will.


You can reach me more directly at eric@klippas.com, or via a Teams chat if you invite me or send me your email so that I can send you an invite. Or we can use a phone (my number is 647-988-0407.

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I am not an expert of this topic, but have you considered listing it under "Office Store" more details from this page https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dev/add-ins/overview/office-add-ins


for Appsource or marketplace allowing Teams Apps or addin, i last heard it is in "active" considerations 🙂



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Thanks for the thoughts and help. Unfortunately, the Office Store is not the right place. We need to be in the Teams store, and I have just found out, probably in the commercial market place too.
Thanks for the help, though.
Eric Goldman