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Listing offers in multiple regions on Partner Center

Is there an easy way to list your marketplace offerings in the Partner Center for multiple regions / countries or do you have to copy and paste, then manually create the offer per country over and over.


Also, where it states country / region only country names are offered. Are there any plans to implement regions?


Hey David,


You can list the same offer and plan in multiple regions. This is done on a per-plan basis, and configuration occurs in the plan configuration tab. Let me know if you want more specifics on where to find this option.


Here are the supported regions:



Hi @DavidFrazer 


Thank you very much for getting in touch with us on Microsoft Partner Community!


I am not an expert in Azure Marketplace, however, I can guide you to ask for support to https://aka.ms/marketplacepublishersupport. They will be able to explain to you what exactly can be done on the marketplace in terms of product listing. 


Thank you!