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List Azure Market place managed application plans in a specific order [ASC or DSC or Priority]

Hey Everyone, Hope you all are doing good.


I have a small question, wherein the requirement is to have the price/offering plans in a specific order on Azure Marketplace. It can be based on let's say ASC or DSC or based on priority.


Current situation: The order of how the plans are listed is random there is no order being followed.

  • There is no way in the partner center to adjust its order.

  • Tried some hits and trials nothing worked.

  • Tried adding a prefix as 0,1,2,3 etc that too didn’t work.


PS: Already confirmed with the Microsoft Support team and below is the response:

  • "As per the design, the ask is not possible. There is no option that we can place the plans order in the PC. Our apologies for saying no to your ask."

I have already raised this to the MS Support team so that they can take this as a feature request but is there any other way around it?



Community Manager

@sunnybhambhani  I'm not sure if @dciborow will be able to help us on this, but tagging in case they have some resources or guidance as I have seen them post in this community previously. @dciborow THANKS IN ADVANCE for any info you can share. 🌻