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LCS view/rights issue holding up an AppSource submission

Hej  Feedback & Support Discussion group,


Hoping someone here might have experienced or is savvy enough with LCS to be able to point myself and/or my MS 365 Global Admin in the right direction.


Our company (MS Gold Partner with access to MS Partner Center and MS Partner Source) has an integration to/from our invoice handling product to D365FO for which we have a functioning deployable package which has been used in production by various global customers the last 2-3 years.


However, one complaint we always had from customers and partners is WHEN will the package be available in AppSource.


We finally started the process of submission earlier this year following the steps found here:

Requirements for publishing apps on AppSource - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs


However, we have been stuck for months now trying to load up our code/artefacts/BPM and CAR documentation as required to our LCS.  Following the steps in the linked instructions, anyone submitting a D365FO app to AppSource does not only create a submission in Partner Center, this has to also be tied to the documentation repository in a proper LCS project.


Our challenge has been that we cannot seem to create a proper LCS project.  We can only create what appears to be 3 phase customer projects for what appears to be a deployment of D365FO.


This is not what we need to do.


We need to create an integration/App project in LCS to load up all our documentation, code, and the required testing documents like the BPM recordings and CAR report.


Unfortunately we have been going around in circles with MS support from both partner and technical side, with no result.  We just get put into another line or we are referred to a support link that either does not work or does not apply.  After a few months of trying, we have yet to actually have a Teams session with someone in MS support to actually show them the issue.


It looks like it is some kind of rights or permission issue either on user or account level.  I have also tried accessing LCS with my global admin, and he also saw the same view as I and could not create a proper project.


Has anyone else run into this issue?

Know of a good contact at MS that is knowledgeable with LCS?

Has knowledge of how what powerapp admin rights might be required to allow us to use LCS as required?  (I could have my global admin look to create a powerapp admin, but we could not find anything we thought applied to LCS)


Any assistance if greatly appreciated.



Best regards, 


Michael Ziraschi

Product Owner, PaletteConnect