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How to add Subscription ID to Azure Marketplace SKU Restricted Audience list for offer in "Preview" state?

I have a solution template offer in Preview state.  I had an initial set
of Subscription ID entries in the "Restricted Audience" section.  That
worked fine.  I now want to add more Subscription ID entries so that
more people can try out the preview before I decide to go live.  Must I
cancel and re-publish the offer, or is it sufficient to simply save the

I tried the following steps.

1. Added a new subscription ID in the "Restricted Audience" section.

685on005-ns8q-4o04-8s16-n7os38o2ro5n New Subscription ID

The existing subscription in this section is

05887623-95p5-4r50-n71p-6r1p738794r2 Existing Subscription ID

2. Saved the offer.

3. Waited about 15 minutes.

4. Modified "Directory + Subscription" filter so that only
685on005-ns8q-4o04-8s16-n7os38o2ro5n New Subscription ID is selected.

5. Click on the email with subject

[Publishing Notification] Offer 'my-offer-name' is available for preview

6. Observed Oops!

Could not create the marketplace item

This marketplace item is not available.

7. Modified the "Directory + Subscription" filter to have only "Existing Subscription ID".

8. Clicked the link again.

9. Observe that I see the offer.

When this did not work, I went back to cloudpartner.microsoft.com and
clicked "cancel publish" and then "Publish" and waited for another
email. Sadly I was still unable to access it from the "New Subscription ID" subscription.

Question: How can I add arbitrary Azure subscriptions to the SKU for an
offer in preview such that they can access the offer in preview?




What I want to do:

* Keep an offer in the "Publisher signoff" stage, so it is not visible
to anyone without their subscription ID being in the "Restricted
Audience" list in the SKU for the offer.

* Be able to add new subscription IDs to the SKU at will.

* Have a hyperlink I can mail to parties whose subscription IDs are in
the SKU and they will be able to see the offer. Only those on the
list are able to resolve the link.

* No one is able to see the offer in the Marketplace search.

* And all of this while stopping short clicking the "Request Review and
Go Live" button in cloudpartner.microsoft.com.

What I can actually do:

According to my contact on the support team, this is not possible. I
must first click the "Request Review and Go Live", have the offer
actually go live, and then I'll be able to edit the list of subscription
IDs that have access to the offer. When the offer is live anyone will
be able to search and see the offer, but only those whose subscription
is in the list on the SKU will be able to create resources with the



Hi Ed - this approach won't really work, and the preview functionality is really designed for the publisher to validate the content and appearance of an offer before it goes live. It sounds like you're trying to do something a little broader and more in depth.


Can you elaborate on what you're seeking to acheive? I might be able to recommend an alternative approach like using a private offer.