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How to access marketplace container repository?

Hi Team - I am trying to publish our solution on Marketplace. The solution is a kubernetes container and I am told that it should be uploaded to "marketplace container repository". Can someone help point where is marketplace container repository & how can I get access to it?




I am in the same boat here. I have already gone and published my container on the marketplace. I have selected the setting in my Container Plan to "Hide plan", which explains that I should be able to to use it indirectly within another Solution Template or via Azure CLI. Except, there are no instructions on how to do this anywhere.



Would expect a public ACR url, something like....




Yes, we have a container offering in Marketplace, that will allow you to deliver containers for your Customers. The Offer currently is Bring your own license and when purchased, the container it will be delivered into the customer's Azure Container Registry.  Customers can utilize this container from their Kubernetes clusters as needed. 


This is the information  about how to build the offer: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/cloud-partner-portal/containers/cpp-create-offer






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Can you provide documentation for topic question?

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Sorry but that's not what I was asking for. What I want to deliver to the customer is an Azure Application.


I have an ARM template configured to deliver the application. The ARM template has a container resource defined. The container is getting initialized using a Docker Image. Since the path is that of docker image, I have received a feedback that container image must come from the marketplace. I am not sure where in marketplace do I need to push this image so I can use it in my ARM template. Note that I am not delivering a container to the customer but an Azure Applicatio.

Capture.PNGe from a marketplace.

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Hello. Do you found solution for your problem?


Thanks for reaching out. Fairly confident I know what you're trying to accomplish but it may be worthwhile to connect directly to share some details and ensure that you are heading down the right path. Could you contact me directly for a quick call? You can reach me at: kevidal@microsoft.com

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Hi Keith - Would appreciate a response if you are able to see this thread. I dropped a few emails on your microsoft email id not sure if you received them.

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Hi Kieth - I had reached out earlier & dropped a note today as well over email. Request a response so we can move this forward.

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Hello Keith,


I have the same problem, I need to deploy our container app to the web app as part of our managed application. MS does not allow to pull image from docker repo. I can not do deployment from azure marketplace because https://marketplace.azurecr.io docker repo is not public, it asking for credentials and AzVMImageOffer does not contain Container images. 


Am I understand correctly, that currently only by using helm I can pull images from the marketplace to the k8s and can not deploy them as a web app containers? I.e. there is no way to pull containers in web app as part of the offer?


Thank you.


Hi Pankaj,


I'm not familiar with the container repository by that name; however, we do have a container category in the Azure Marketplace. Are you seeking to get your solution in the marketplace like what is shown in the screen shot?


If so, you'll want to start by signing up as a publisher and either create a new partner ID or use an existing one. Either way, you'll do it here: https://aka.ms/joinmarketplace






@PatrickBM  Is this something you can assist with?