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How do I add bullet points in a Marketplace offer?

I am working to put together a marketplace offer but they will not let me add bullet points to separate information. How do I do this?

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Your question is a bit general, however I have found that "some" of the Offer fields will allow html fragments to be included is a text block. Depending on the field, this will work: 

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To add to this question, I've used the recommended markup and it just shows the bullets in a regular paragraph with * in place of the bullets.


Hello! The description field has a text editor with an option for bullet points. Are you trying to do this in a different field?




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There is no text editor in Consulting Service offers in Partner Center. How do we format bullet points?


Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 10.29.28 AM.png

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I was told that for SaaS offerings there is a rich text editor, but for consulting services, you must use either HTML or Markdown.  (Personally, I recommend HTML.  I attempted Markdown and followed EXACTLY what was required and the offer was rejected multiple times). 


Here is the info I received from Microsoft re my questions:


"We are just learning the ins and outs of Partner Center. We understand that the same formatting requirements apply in Partner Center as in CPP:  Markdown for consulting offers or html for SaaS and other offers. We’ve also found that for SaaS offers, there should be a rich text editor like the snapshot below.





I’m not certain if all listings will have this rich text editor, however, so if you do not see this in the product description, then you will need to utilize the prior guidance: Markdown language for service Consulting listings and simple html for ISV listings (excluding Office add-ins and SaaS)."


Interesting... I have the same experience in my tenant. I'll need to follow up with that feature owner - thanks for the heads up!


I'll return to confirm how to add bullet points now and also with details on whether we'll add the rich text editor in the future.