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How can we localise a Marketplace VM Offer including the UI for creating the VM

Is there any useful documentation about creating a localised Marketplace Offer?


Currently our Marketplace Offer for a VM is in English. The same applies for the createUIDefinition.json, which is used while configuring the VM to be built. However, most of our customers speak German and their Azure Portal has a German localisation. That leads to a mixture of languages in both the Marketplace pages as well as during the VM configuration since some of the web page elements come from the localised Azure Portal and others come from our Marketplace Offer description and createUIDefinition.json. Thus, we like to have localised versions of the offer and the createUIDefinition.json too.


The only hint about localisation was in a form tooltip when defining the Marketplace Offer description: It says (in German): 'Der Inhalt des Angebotslistings muss nicht in Englisch angegeben werden, solange die Angebotsbeschreibung mit dem Standardsatz "Diese Anwendung ist nur in [Sprache] verfügbar" beginnt.'. The English version is: 'Offer listing content is not required to be in English as long as the offer description begins with the phrase "This application is available only in [non-English language]".'. This only hint raises several unanswered yet questions:

  • Does that mean, that we have to create a Marketplace Offer for each language to be supported?
  • What will be the result when searching in the Marketplace: Will we get only one result in the current language of the Azure Portal or will we get all offers in all supported languages?
  • How we shall handle a default language? I.e. we would like to have an English offer for all languages, which we do not support. But if we have an English only offer, then it would be hidden for all Non-english customers?
  • Is there any mechanism for localising the createUIDefinition.json? Or do we have to duplicate all the code for each supported language?

Thanks in advance