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Exciting Announcements – New Revenue Opportunities with Marketplace

Microsoft Build is off to a great start with awe inspiring keynotes, riveting sessions, and engaging conversations. At the cloud marketplace booth, we’re meeting so many partners with interesting solutions, and your insight, feedback, and questions help us prioritize, design, and build features for the marketplace.


With all the news and releases coming out, we want to highlight a few particularly exciting announcements:


  • Publishers will create and manage marketplace offerings in Partner Center.
  • AppSource will enable customers to discover and purchase business and industry solutions.
  • Partners who publish transactable SaaS offers and participate in the IP Co-sell Program will receive reduced transaction fees.
  • The IP Co-sell Program is expanding to include partners building on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • We are also expanding the IP Co-sell Program to Microsoft’s global resellers (Cloud Solution Providers) which creates a new channel for ISVs to grow their business.


Learn more about the expansion of IP Co-sell and reduced SaaS transaction fee in Charlotte Yarkoni’s May 6th blog, and find details on the new publishing experience in Partner Center including a video demo in this May 2nd Microsoft Partner Community post.


Thanks Brian for highlighting this!


There is indeed great progress and I'm pleased to see more opportunities for partners to get their solutions out there - both direct and also indirect through partners.


Microsoft are doing a great job growing the pie and helping partners with great products/services/solutions to sell more!


Regards, Per